Kensington System Negotiation:

  • Assures that people can change an unsuccessful behavior during the negotiation: If you can’t detect it, you can’t correct it. Most negotiation programs use the wrong learning techniques to enable people to adapt on the fly.
  • Uses the latest in Neuroscience and Influence behaviors: Good negotiating is about not making the mistakes that kill your chances of success. Our process identifies the behaviors that limit success and show how to correct them.
  • Utilizes a step by step methodology: Most programs give you a tool box of techniques and tricks. We teach strategy. It makes it much easier to do the right thing at the right time.
  • Deal based: Participants are given a chance to plan real life deals to assure future success.
  • Science based: Unlike most programs that tell you to understand the other persons motivations (isn’t that why we are taking a negotiation class?) We use techniques developed for law enforcement to quickly ask the right questions to understand how to best meet the other persons need

Additional Negotiation Program:

  • Dealing with Price: 1 day customizable workshop that focuses on holding/gaining margin. It helps salespeople and management identify the causes for margin leakage, and build new systems and skills to gain economic value for your offerings.

This program also may incorporate:

  • Pre class study
  • Customized case material
  • Post class managers session for negotiation coaching
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