The Kensington Firm, an International Consulting Firm, Announces New Website Launch

With growth comes responsibility and the company’s new website aims to provide an opportunity to showcase their clients, their professional work and news.

March 15, 2018 – (Sarasota, FL) – The Kensington Firm announces the launch of its new website, Paul J. Panzl, MA SEL, leads a team of veteran sales, negotiation and marketing consultants into a new phase of growth by creating a new organization that meets the needs of current and future clients across the globe.

As the Principal of The Kensington Firm, Panzl brings over 20 years of experience as an international sales and marketing consultant. He has consulted on deals as large as $6 Billion U.S. and has launched products in the biotech, manufacturing and consumer space. He is an author, keynote speaker and deal consultant. Panzl is a dynamic, educational, and highly interactive speaker, working with audiences of over 800 people. His stories and knowledge captivate the attention of participants and draw them into high impact learnings that they remember long after the event.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past year and decided it was time to put our mark on the industry by launching a website that represents who we are. This is the just the beginning of other big things to come and we’re proud to have a platform that showcases our clients successes.” – Paul J. Panzl, Principal – The Kensington Firm

The company’s four main areas of focus are Sales, Negotiation, Product Launch and Adaptive Learning:

  • Sales: By taking the best parts of their “teach and tailor” approach and making things more systematic and repeatable, sales and marketing teams can achieve bigger deals with greater margins, and in less time.
  • Negotiation: Neuroscience is the key to negotiation. Understanding how to limit the costly mistakes most people make unconsciously leads to richer, more profitable deals.
  • Product Launch: For every blockbuster product, hundreds of innovations with great potential flame out. The company conducted a four-year study to identify proven methods of securing both the launch and and long-term sales success of new products. To learn more, view their White Paper.
  • Adaptive Learning cuts learning time in half: This is the number one technology that can make a difference to corporate learning. It quickly ascertains what the leaner already knows, proves that they know it, and moves on to new topics areas.

By providing training services that address human performance needs, implementing transformational learning courses, and reinforcing proven methodologies, The Kensington Firm is able to deliver measurable results. Clients have benefited from the assets Panzl and his team brings to their organizations, including improved sales, greater margins, and faster, more successful launches.

“Paul Panzl and The Kensington Firm, are a ‘force-of- nature’. I have benefitted greatly from their training, and recommend them highly. Great teachers are able to combine expert knowledge, strong analytical skills, successful experience, & the ability to reach their audience, en masse & individually, so as to transfer knowledge which develops the talents of their students. Paul has this gift, and wields those attributes so as to empower his clients to attain higher levels of successful performance.” – John J DiMaggio, Associate Director, Government National Accounts at US WorldMeds / HEMA Biologics

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Paul J. Panzl, MA SEL

About The Kensington Firm

The Kensington Firm is an international consulting firm led by industry veteran Paul J. Panzl. The company focuses on understanding the specific needs of each client to in order to develop and deliver unique training solutions that ultimately help organizations reach their peak performance. For more information about the company, please visit