Lori Rochelle Wayne – Project Management/ Program Development

I believe that all things are possible, that we are empowered to make big choices in our lives. I believe that we are empowered to live the life we want, to dream big, and to achieve those dreams.

We can’t always control the events in our lives, but we can control how we handle them. We can choose to stand up, think big, and make the courageous choices that are right for us. I believe that all things are possible, and that we really can have it all – great relationships, careers and businesses that we love, financial abundance, hobbies and interests that we are passionate about, and the time and money to pursue them.

I am fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs, service based business owners, and motivated women to get off the money roller coaster, to stop settling for mediocre business results, and to eliminate self-sabotaging money behaviors, so they can achieve financial freedom, sustain and grow successful businesses, live balanced lives and pursue their goals and dreams.