Paul J Panzl, MA SEL – Principal

Paul Panzl MA, SEL is an international negotiation sales and marketing consultant. He has consulted on deals as large as $6 Billion U.S. and has launched products in the biotech, manufacturing and consumer space. He is an author, keynote speaker and deal consultant.

He is a dynamic, educational, and highly interactive speaker, working with audiences of over 800 people. His stories and knowledge captivate the attention of participants and draw them in to high impact learnings that they remember long after the event.

Paul is an FAA certified pilot with complex and high performance ratings. He is also an accomplished ocean mariner who has earned Coast Guard Search and Rescue certifications, with two saves to his credit. Panzl possesses a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of Maine and a bachelor’s degree from the State University  New York at Plattsburgh.