The Kensington Firm is a  multinational consulting firm led by industry veteran Paul Panzl. We work most often with organizations that are facing one of these challenges:

  • Some metric is off: Sales are down, margins are down, sales cycles too long, pipeline not producing
  • There is an initiative that must go well: New product launch, sales process change, new market, switching to outcomes driven sales vs. product driven, price increase…
  • They are not getting price for the value adds that they bring to the market. Lower priced competitors are convincing their customers that all of your value adds are “nice to haves”
  • Their current method of training does not last, or is not implemented well. They spent a fortune, and people forgot it, or couldn’t operationalize it.

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Why do most new product launches fail?

We conducted a four-year study to identify proven methods of securing both the launch and the long-term sales success of new products. The study examined the product launch efforts of companies in industries as diverse as aerospace and pharmaceuticals.

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The latest research on customer buying behavior shows that customers don’t need salespeople the way they used to.


Kensington System Negotiation uses the latest in Neuroscience and Influence behaviors, increasing success rates.

Product Launch

Stories of new products rarely have happy endings. For every blockbuster, hundreds of innovations with great potential fail.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the number one technology that can make a difference to corporate learning. Adaptive learning is an educational training method which uses computers as interactive teaching devices to orchestrate the allocation of human and mediated resources according to the unique needs of each learner.

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