SALES – Game Changer Selling

The latest research on customer buying behavior shows the following:

Customers don’t need salespeople the way they used to:
Procurement driven buying processes destroy the “value-add” approach.

Long question-based approaches by sales teams bring little value to the customer:
They are thinly-veiled attempts at finding a round hole in which to sell a round peg.

The “Challenger” methodology addresses these issues but has proven to be very difficult to operationalize in many salesforces:
The “poke the customer in the eye” approach is inherently difficult for a large portion of salespeople. This leads to longer than acceptable ramp-up times for skill mastery.

There is a better way….

If you take the best parts of the “teach and tailor” approach and make it more systematic and repeatable, sales and marketing teams can achieve bigger deals, with greater margin, in less time.

It’s comprised of these key skills:

  • Understanding the market: How to scan for relevant, insightful issues that the customer will find compelling.
  • Opening the Gate: Using Neuroscience, salespeople can get the customer to be willing to engage in a different manner than they ever have before with a salesperson.
  • Changing the Game: How do you successfully show the customer that they need to rethink the way they are currently conducting business, without creating defensive reactions?
  • Demonstrating your uniqueness. Showing the customer that they only viable solution to achieve these new outcomes is you. This elevated the game from a “me-too”, price driven discussion.

Additional Sales Programs

Sales coaching:
Intensive 1.5 day program to train managers to coach and embed Game Changer Coaching. Includes customized coaching guides that simplify and codify the way coaches coach.

Business Literacy:
Utilizes  tactile methods to help salespeople understand how their customers make money. Helps improve the insights your salespeople can provide to the customer. Includes the latest techniques to scan for industry data and insights to increase buyer attention.

Monetizing the Sale:
Customized to your business. Teaching salespeople and marketers how to put an economic value on the value-adds you bring to the market.

Competitive Immunity:
You are the market leader. How do you ensure you stay there?

Custom Programs: 
We have a full design and development staff. We can build off any existing training program you have employed to assure greater uptake and new skill development

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